Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Have stinky headcold. Oh the aches, oh the pains. Hey, can girls get mancolds?

A day on the couch watching Tales From the Green Valley and eating macaroons from the french pattiserie of deliciousnesss in town has improved my mood a bit.

As has getting better at warcrack arena matches (just nod and smile you non-warcrack addicts)

Finding funky funky frocks is also good.

Being entertained by people on IM always makes me smile.

Having the lads sit on top of me and give me hugs and kisses when they got home was especially nice.

Have now ordered pizza for dinner, taken more aspirin, and turned the heater back on.

This burst of energy has made me a bit tired though..shall lie back down and conserve my energy for Torby wrangling when he stops being distracted by his game and decides that I've rested long enough.

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