Monday, 1 May 2006

my weekend by DV aged 29 and 2 and a bit months

This weekend saw me doing a lovely road trip to Canberra for a fabulous wedding at the last moment (the road trip, not the wedding!) due to some confusion with invites, we didn't know that we were invited until Thursday! D'oh! So, the decision was made to ditch the husband and child and travel down with Tops and Mouse and stay with the ever lovely John & Sharen. The wedding was sweet and short and beautiful. Got to catch up with chums I haven't seen in a while, particularly Andrew and got to meet the lovely Morgan

John and Sharen have the loveliest dog who I swear is Hairy Maclary come to life.

On Sunday we decided to make our way to the National Gallery of Art to see the big naked pregnant lady by Ron Mueck that was talked about on ForBattle!

She was absolutely amazing. The level of detail was mind blowing. It really did look as though she was about to open her eyes and continue her stretch. The skin was scarily real looking with little moles and discolourations and creases and everything! So very startling. There was lots of other good art there although disapointed that no medieval/ rennaisance stuff was out (or if it was it was hiding). One particular 'installation' was by Fiona Hall called Paradisus Terrestris

They are these fabulous sardine tins that have trees at the top and rude bits at the bottom. Okay it's a crap explanation but it'll have to do. They were marvellous.

We got to the gallery before it opened so wandered around the sculpture garden. Im not normally a fan of sculpure. don't ask me why 'cause I can't explain it. However a lot of what I saw was so beautiful or intriguing I was quite taken by it. I took photos of stuff I liked and it's on my flickr account. (or will be when I finish uploading it)

Even took this arty photo of the three of us looking so tall and slim.

I must say though, the best bit of Sunday was coming home and seeing my little Torbenspang and having him smile at me despite the abandonment. Also fairly nice to see MrNw again :)


DestructoMeg said...

awesome pic!!

DV said...

It's pretty cool isn't it!
I am so arty

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

cool photie DV. arty AND flattering. together at last :)

DV said...

a match made in heaven