Monday, 1 May 2006

When Mr Nw grows up....

.....he wants to be just like Robyn!

At the aforementioned wedding, Robyn got her finger cut open by her very new husband in a nasty present opening tragedy.

At about midday today, Mr Nw got his finger cut open in a nasty window fixing tragedy.

Coincedence? I think not!!!!

I think he just wants to be like Robyn and who could blame him.

Anyway, after interrupting my important blog writing (hence the last post was published 8 hours after it written) with his subtle and manly 'oh fuck......honey can you give me a hand?' we went to the doctors only to be told that we should go to the hospital instead. 3 stitches lots of blood and a tetanus jab later, we got to come home.

I was going to point out to him that it's a good thing he has a week off before starting the new job only to then figure out that if he wasn't home, he wouldn't have cut himself. D'oh!


DestructoMeg said...

oww! Was he a big brave boy?!!!

(sounds like a conversation I had on Saturday.. "umm babe..? I can't find my car...)

DV said...

I've always loved that tone of voice most boys get when something like that happens. It's the don't panic but there's a saber-toothed tiger over there voice

He was a big brave boy even when the doctors were pushing on his finger and ferreting around in the cut.

Baggy Trousers said...

And I thought my blog was ick material!
Stupid boys! Why can't they just behave, and leave well alone!
Boys are stupid.

Jane Doe said...

Yes, yes they are. It's the whole Y chromosome thing, I'm sure of it. Such a tiny chromosome, it's little wonder those of us blessed with two X's think that boys are simple.