Tuesday, 9 May 2006

me, me, me

From What I Cooked Last Night


I AM: mostly contented

I WANT: everything and more!

I WISH: that I never had to go back to work

I HATE: stupidity and meanness

I MISS: wine o'clock in my sister's backyard

I HEAR: My baby making litle grunty and snuffly noises as he sleeps

I WONDER: about a lot of things

I REGRET: some of the things I've said without thinking.

I AM NOT: Tolerant of stupid people.

I DANCE: enthusiastically!!!

I SING: badly but a lot.

I CRY: A lot at really dumb things.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: this slack

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: food, frocks, dumb little craft-y projects

I WRITE: not as well as I'd like to

I CONFUSE: other people

I NEED: to take more photos of those that I love.

I SHOULD: kiss my husband when he gets home tonight.

I START: getting upset when I'm tired

I FINISH: packets of chips.

In his tradition, consider yourself tagged. Let me know the answers!


DestructoMeg said...

I would quite seriously kill someone to never have to go to work again. .. I wonder if you are allowed knitting needles in gaol?

Can you go back part-time? I bet that would make a huge difference as to how icky it was.

DV said...

I can't see why not. You could make lovely knitted jumpers for everyone for winter. Very useful!

The plan is part-time. 2 or 3 days a week depending on what child care we can organise (hello grandma)
It still sucks. Oh to have lots of money.