Thursday, 25 May 2006

a recommendation

I've just fifnished reading a book called 'Banquet: 10 Courses to Harmony' by Annette Shun Wah and Greg Aitken.
It's kind of about the development of Chinese food in Australia and the people involved and why. It's also got recipes and a section on etiquette. It's really quite fascinating.
It reminds me of the days when sweet and sour pork was a bit exotic and my parents were really quite progressive in that we made food out of the Womens Weekly Chinese Cooking Class Cookery book. It's amazing how far we have developed in our palates and cooking styles. Meat and three veg is no longer strictly that. Often it will be a stir fry or curry (without the sultanas) even in the most whitey households. We now regularly use 'asian greens' in our cooking. Not to mention the spices and flavour combinations. I'm interested to see where we'll go to next.

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