Wednesday, 17 May 2006

week of mostly Yays! (so far)

It's been an interesting couple of days at casa de dv. Monday saw a lot of packages being delivered (yay for the new box of wine) and tradesmen doing things. No more leaky taps and doors that don't close properly .David at Raine and Horne Burwood is fabulous. He inspected the house on Friday, got my list of things that needed fixing and on Monday, they get fixed, YAY.

Tuesday was the day of vomit. Torby projectiled on me twice. We're talking the full exorcist thing. So many showers in just one day. Decided to go to the doctor because he was looking abit floppy and unwell that afternoon. Of course the minute we get to the doctors office, the little bastard perks right up and is all smiley and happy. Doctor thinks I'm completely paranoid.

Today was Mothers Group day. Always lovely to catch up with the lasses and find out what's happening and confirm that Torby is still the bestest baby ever ;-)

Tomorrow I meet with the woman who will hopefully be looking after the little one when I'm cruelly forced back to the salt mines. Yay for Spyder for networking for me.

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