Friday, 26 May 2006

solid gold craziness

Little Torby is now on solids. He's been chowing down on delicious and nutricious rice cereal for three days now and today I livened up the proceedings by adding in some carrot and swede puree.
The rice cereal (actually a blend of a plain one and an apple and banana one) looks really gross and grey and lumpy, with the vegeies added to it it goes a really grey/orange mix. Mmmmm nice.

Anyhoo. I was in the supermarket today buying a different vegie sachet for him (It's all organic and nothing but vegies and the cooking water, just like you'd make at home if you weren't too lazy) when a crazy woman stopped me and informed me that I shouldn't buy precooked foods for my baby and if I was going to do that why did I have a baby in the first place as I obviously didn't love him and he's probably crying because he's sick because I'd poisoned him (that or he was just tired) and mothers weren't so lazy in her day and there's nothing wrong with home cooked foods and so on and so forth.
I just said "excuse me" and walked away.

Would like to claim I did that because I didn't want to create a scene but in truth, I just couldn't be bothered dealing with a crazy person AND a crying baby at the same time. Sigh!


DestructoMeg said...

which is when you say "I'm doing what's best for MY child... and that is a mum who has time and energy to play with him rather than being tired and grumpy and in the kitchen.

DestructoMeg said...


Mindy said...

The tatoo across new mothers' foreheads saying "Give me lots of advice, please, I really really want you to!" must be invisible to everyone but interfering old bags with nothing better to do. Well done for being polite.

Wenchilada said...

What Meg said. The second time. I'd probably go with that.

Polite? Get real banana peel!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

take matches in your pocket, and set fire to the next bitch who pokes her nose in your business.

well, okay, so matches and little babies aren't a great thing. so take a gas lighter. either way, torch the bitch!

MrSnerg said...

Indeed... I have no idea how you managed to avoid stabbing her in the eye. Any chance you can train Torby to throw up on someone like that?

DV said...

Hmmm Vomit-On-Cue baby. How useful would that be!