Monday, 15 May 2006

my first mothers day

I had a mothers day yesterday and it was lovely!

MrNw bought me breakfast in bed and then Torbenspang baought in the presented he had hand selected for me including a card that he had signed and everything.

I received the lovely slippers that were spotted in DJ's a few weeks ago and they are so snuggy warm with ribbons and sequins and everything!

There is a photo of him bring me his present but as it was morning and I have nothing but a singlet on, it's deemed a bit too bossom-y for public consumption. It's very cute though!

Husband and child then ran away to Stigs house to crush grapes to kake wine (hmmmm home brew wine, how could anyone resist) which meant I got to laze around the house, watching Futurama and eating chocolates (3 coffee creams in the box of Darrell Lea chocolates, woo-hoo!!!)

We then went to Epping to have dinner with MrNw's parents, his brother and his lovely girlfriend. Went to the lovely Thai place down the road and ate own body wait in yummy food. Only had to ask 4times for water. It's a new record for them.

Came home, watched X-Men2 and went to sleep. What more could a girl ask for.

To any mother out there who read this, I hope you had as good a day!


Wenchilada said...

Ok, the soppy response is:
I have a beautiful daughter for mother's day, what more could I ask for.

The not soppy response is: Nothing happened. And no-one forgot. Mr C just thinks that until Persephone is old enough to understand what Mothers Day means, I don't get one.

*Sniff Sob*

You got mother's day. I'm jealous.

*Sniff Sob Quivvering Lip*

DestructoMeg said...

humph. All my pigs did was squawk at me.

DV said...

MrNw tried to pull that whole 'he's too young to buy presents/make breakfast thing. Ha! I say to that. if he got a mini fathers day card from Torbenspang while he was in the womb, I get my mothers days!

Meg, i'm sure they were squawks of love and appreciation. that or hunger.