Wednesday, 31 May 2006

no fun be had here

After the recent hullabaloo (great word) about kids not being allowed to play ball games in parks thanks to whinging residents complaining about stray balls landing in their backyards, I checked at the 5 parks I walk past to get to a friends house. All of them have "under no circumstances is fun to be had here' signs up. It really is unfortunate that while kids are getting fatter and lazier, people are getting stupider and more annoying.
I live next to a school. Between the oval and my house is another house and a really high fence. Despite this I still get random balls in my backyard.
Do I go storming over to the school and complain? No.
Do I write to Today Tonight or A Current Affair whinging about my rights as a citizen and how the youth of today have no respect for adults? No.
And why do I not do any of these things? Because I like to believe that I am a reasonable human being who understands that the school oval was there when I moved in and that kids should be outdoors playing whatever games will get them up and moving about. And I'm not a arrogant useless twat!


Miss Krin said...

My neighbours kids from two doors up do that. We get balls in our backyard too. However the most annoying thing they do is use a tennis racket to punt mandarins into our backyard, from their tree. They're very squishy when you tread on them in socks, and they rot in our backyard.

Unlike some Marrickville residents I won't be complaining to the kids mum, or the council or anyone either. Teenage boys will be teenage boys, hell, my brother used to shoot U-nails out of glove guns at his mates. and really some mandarins in my backyard are quite tame.

Hooary for the tolerant people in this world!

Mousicles said...

Who needs teenage boys for random stray missiles?

We regularly used to send cannon shells (normally known as 600ml pet bottles), balista bolts and arrows (all blunt) over the back fence at Strathfield and even now in Burwood.

(Even at the St Peter's School, Scruffy sent one of the bungee bow bolts over a fence)

Tops just tells them it's a project for TAFE.... We have a reciprocal deal. We fling back any tennis balls they pitch over the fence and they throw back our ammo...

So far no complaints about missiles, but the neighbours have asked nicely for Tops to stop when the power tool noise was disturbing them one evening. The current neighbours just want to know what new thing he's building now.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

...and he replies, just a little something for the world domination I have planned...