Monday, 21 July 2008

Notes from my Monday

Getting myself ready in the morning for work, takes a lot less time than it does to get myself and Nw and Torby ready.

Starting work at 9:30am is really weird for me. I normally start at about 7. Half the day was over before I checked my first email. I also seem to need more coffee to get through the day. 3rd cup and counting.

It’s really annoying when the report you’re meant to work on isn’t ready last week like promised but instead will be maybe possibly done by Wednesday and I normally only work on Mon/Tues. Luckily, the t’riffic Grandma can look after him so I can swap Tues for Friday.

The Walking Boot O’ Doom makes me walk funny because it’s so ginormous. However, wearing my fabulous pointy knee-high boot of loveliness on the other foot helps by putting both feet at same height (you know what I mean). Also good that the one that needs a new heel put on it is the left one. Really should fix that so I can wear both of them when my foot is better.

Having a chat with an up-the-duff friend about childcare has made me realise how grateful I am that Torby goes to a good daycarer. He loves his A and she seems to love him as well as do both her daughters. It’s this extra family unit he’s growing up with. The fact that she’d raised two kids already (the youngest is just finishing high school I think) and then has spent the last 15years looking after 5 kids every day means that she’s a freaking sadist learnt to manage kids pretty well. He enjoys going there every week. He enjoys seeing the other kids and being spoilt by the two daughters and going on adventures. Makes me a bit sad to think that one day he’ll stop going to her and go to school instead. Pesky children and their nasty habit of growing up! Sending them off to be looked after by someone else is such a leap of faith. Glad ours worked out.
I think Torby is getting scared at night. Last night we were repeatedly woken by him crying out. Nw would get up and go into his room, settle him down again, come back to bed and then a few seconds/minutes later, he would cry out again. A lot of it was delaying tactics and he answered ‘yes’ when I asked him if he was a bit scared. I offered to sit with him for a little bit while he lay down in his cot. He was eventually happy with the idea of me leaving the door open to his room when I left to go back to bed. Will see what happens tonight.

I'm looking forward to going home soon. I forget how much my foot hurts after a day of not lying on the couch popping chocolates into my mouth. Need to drug myself up and close my eyes for a second I think.

Time to stop procrastinating and do a final bit of work before I get to scurry out of here. *long drawn out sigh*

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