Friday, 18 July 2008

it's not a snot, it's a snot monster!

so many tissues, so little breathing.

On happier note, I hobbled about in the sunshine today, went down to post office and thoroughly enjoyed the warm sunniness of it all.

Have also dicovered this site. As someone who can't complete a full paragraph, this really works for me. It's nice to put a thought to paper (well, you know) and not have to complete it.

ow, any of you that stil harbour some delusion that I'm not a warcarcknerd, stop reading now. We wouldn't want to shatter your illusions..

Started an arena team in warcrack with the lovely miss kat. it's the 2 of us against a random 2 person team and you fight 10 battles a week. Was fast (because we die really quickly) and kinda fun. We even won a battle. It's a very different style of play.

In comparison, joined a group to do a raid with a bunch of random peoples this afternoon. My god, who let the 12yr olds with no manners near the keyboard. Such a lot of bitching and moaning and no concept of politeness or how to deal with other people. I can see why people have been turned off playing wow. I just want to slap them all.

Now I should prolly get off my arse and go accomplish something today.

I leave you with a photo of a very young snolliver in a tigger suit. Just because I can.


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