Tuesday, 8 July 2008

buffy has taught me...

..when you're evil, you have to wear black leather pants.

that is all.


anti ob said...

That one is old as the hills - its true revelation was that good guys don't necessarily have to wear hessian (though they are inevitably still more badly-dressed than the bad guys...)

Impish said...

It also helps if you can get your eyes to glow black too. And change your hairstyle (if you wore it down, now wear it up, and vice versa!)

Maybe that's why men never notice when you get your hair cut: they're too afraid they'll cut your still-beating heart out and eat it because the hairstyle is a SIGN of your conversion to UTTER PURE EVIL. With doom (well, more evil and doomy than you were beforehand)

- Kat