Tuesday, 15 July 2008

First day back at work since the foot incident

Reasons why I prefer being at home to being at work

home has a couch
home has a heater and blankies to keep me snuggy warm
home has a cat to amuse me
at home I can lie on aforementioned couch reading and watching dvd's
at home I can play lots of warcrack
at home I can wear a tshirt and tracky-daks
at home I have varoious Gtalk and MSN so I can annoy my friends. I had to resort to emailing people this morning.

Reasons why work is okay..

the coffee from the cafe down the road
ummm, access to stationery supplies
ummmm, there must be something else...I'm sure it'll come to me
Oh I remember now.

They pay me.

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