Sunday, 6 July 2008

Lovely lazy Sundays

Have spent a delightful day hanging with family and chums.

My sister Nic was in town for a few hours so we gathered and went to the markets (I hobbled around on the manky foot like a trooper) and then returned to m&j's house for tea and baked markety goods. (Mmmmm baked goods)
Scored a new bag and some dvd's (yay for sister's what live in China), the children scored some tres cute silk jammies and we all scored some catch-up time.

Loved the synchronicity (I know such big words) of our sister being in town at same time as Jamie's brother being in town. Such familiness. Makes me happy.

Had big afternoon naps then dropped in on mugzz and smurg where I scored more Buffy episodes, some Veronica Mars and a fabulous lap blanky that she knitted with wool I got from some markets ages ago that's all hand dyed and spun. Great autumnally colours. We are time- sharing the blanky. Will take a photo when I can find my camera again.

Had really really yummy roast beef ninner. Was made from happy-dancing-organic cow. Soooooo good.

Now watching some more Buffy and will play some warcrack and wait for the piankillers to kick in (I probably shouldn't have done so much hobbling today - worth it though)

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anti ob said...

Sounds like your mecha-foot needs wheels... and maybe a jet booster. I'm shure Nw and Tops can whip you one up.