Sunday, 27 July 2008

It's all her fault

So, Friday night was a 'lets get together at Meg & Jamies and get photos of the frocks Spyd made 'cause she hasn't seen them properly yet' session. (For those following along at hoime, Spyd is a friend and a chick what sews stuff. She recently made some beeyotiful frocks for a friend of ours who was being Queen in the SCA. Spyd also live in a state far, far away. okay, not that far but it may as well be. She was in Syd this weekend for some warmth and blue skies, the fool)

I arrived at about 4:30pm.

Wine was poured

Other people showed up at some point

Wine was poured

Dinner was had

Wine was poured

Frocks were put on

Wine was poured

Photos were taken

Wine was poured

Lovely conversations were had

Wine was poured

People left

Wine was poured

People went to sleep

Wine was poured

some more conversation

Wine was poured

you get the idea.

11hrs after starting, we finally stopeed.

Saturday was not very pretty for anyone involved.

We slept a lot.

We lay on the couch a lot

We watched 'Angel' and Nw fell asleep at about 9:30, I made it to about 10 before giving up.

As is our habit, we went to Meg & jamie's on Sunday morning to hang about and go to the local markets. There's a jumping castle and occasionally petting zoo and/or pony rides for the kids. There's the nummy bread and baked goods and the good meat and the good vegies and the nummy dumplings for the grown-ups.

As is also our habit, we then retired back to M&J's house for a cup of tea and some eating of the baked goods.
Other people returned to their own houses and Nw had already taken Torby away for a nap.

As is not our habit of a Sunday afternoon, some wine was poured....

11 hrs after arriving on their doorstep, we are now home again and I am lightly squiffy.

I completely blame Spyder.

Good thing she goes back down to stinky southern parts tomorrow, my liver can't handle it.

(shhh, don't tell her but it was also really t'riffic to catch up with her and the munchkin and watching all the kidlings running around together was an absolute joy. Shhhh)


spyder said...

bah! I blame you. If you'd acquiesced earlier in the evening I wouldn't have spent till 3am talking you 'round ( to no bloody avail, I might add). Lucky it was a bag of fun.
*waves precious brain cells goodbye, but thank god livers regenerate- right?*

montjoye said...

sounds like fabulous fun, wish I had been there. So who's got the pics?