Thursday, 26 June 2008

wanted: stuff

Stuff to watch
Stuff to read
Stuff to handsew
I will be spending alot of time sitting doing sod all...I get bored far too easily, provide me with stuff that I can do/watch/read and I'll love you forever.


MrSnerg said...

WoW not enough for you?

quatrefoil said...

I can provide large quantities of trashy crime, trashy novels of the 'heroine moves to small quirky country community' variety and just random trash. I can of course also provide litracha if you're up for it.

Anonymous said...

Here is a blog with small posts but fabulous comment threads:

The best threads run into the hundreds of comments....and quite frequently spontaneous poetry. (I confess to only lurking so far).

anti ob said...


DV said...

luv youse all.

WoW occasionally not enough. I know it shocks me too.

Trashy novels would be great MissQ. Litracha requires too much concentration.

Thanks for the link AH...I likes it

Ob- Always up for an instance :)

Hey JD, If you read this before saturday night, can I please have more of the Kitty books? Just finished the first one and I'm hooked.

Mousicles said...

You know I have many shelves of sci-fi trash here...

If you want some handsewing, I've got this blackwork project that I started years ago... :)

Also happy to come round regularly and distract your toddler with my toddler.

DV said...

mercedes lackey me baby!
Mmmm yes..blackwork, my favourite...I can use puff paint right?

Cozalcoatl said...

Have you watched "Green Wing" yet?