Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Phaaaaantom of The Opera

The Lovely Hunnyyydddd bought JD and I tickets to go see Phantom of The Opera for our birthdays. (Yay for Miss H)
The tickets were for the matinee today - Hunnyyyddd realised on Friday that she would be workng today. Sucky.
Luckily Miss Sharon was able to come along insted. Sad that H couldn't come with us but was nice to see iss Sharon.

The production was gorgeous!! Visually stunning.

Always wanted to see Phantom just for the staging and this was well worth it. The pretty, the fabrics, the everything!

Also was first major outing as Gimpy McHopalong...pleased to say I survived with the help of the girls.

Have now taken some painkillers and am awaiting the onset of the surprise nap.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

T'was lovely to see you, too :). I hope you had a good nap, and have recovered from all those stairs in the theatre!

Mayela said...

And I bet you got to see Anthony Warlow as the Phantom too :)

I saw it a few weeks ago and sadly Mr Warlow was sick and so we got Roy the understudy. It was still fab, we just didn't like Roy so much :(

But I did see Warlow and Marina Prior twice as a youngster when I saw it in Melbourne int he 90's so i guess I can't complain too much!