Friday, 20 June 2008


Our morning adventure was to go to the Sydney Opera House to see 'What does Red do on Thursday?' with Mouse and J. (good pictures here)
It was fabulous!

I would have loved to have been allowed to get photos at the end of each chapter.
The evolution of the painting was fascinating to watch, birds became ships which then became part of a tree. The way the simple story was told through music and paint . The way the kids were entranced. Loved it all.

Oliver seemed to enjoy it. He slowly moved closer and closer to the painting through the kiddie mosh pit until he was really close to the front. I was unsure wether it would keep his attention (having no idea what the show was about) but he liked it a lot.

Yay for Torby's first kulcha experience. May we have many more.

my photos are here

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