Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Rambling woman

There's something very strange about reading the archives of your own blog.

It brings back memories which is kinda what I wanted it to do.

My little Torby is so big now.
He talks and counts and draws and walks and runs and goes backwards and jumps and bounces and makes me laugh and makes me cry and imitates me and Nw and other kids. He loves to be hugged and squeezed and kissed. Loves the kissy monster game. You can tell this by him pressing his cheek to your mouth and squealing 'no kisses, no kisses'. One day he shall learn about mixed messages.
There are days I would cheerfully sell him to the gypsies and there are days that I wonder how I lived before he was around. Often they are the same day.
My little family amazes me and makes me very happy. I think we'll do okay.

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