Monday, 9 June 2008

....and a delightful weekend was had by all

I have thoroughly enjoyed my long weekend.
Friday night was dinner at Mugzz and Smergzz house..mmm stew.... Torby likes it for the piggies and the chance to flip over the mats and pretend they're lillypads.
Saturday there was sunshone and feeding of swamp monsters and burger and really good chips and lovely roast cooked by Miss Jimmy. The fact that Torby decided it was too loud to sleep was the only bad thing. I think we put him down in the other room next time.
Sunday was markets and petting of the ponies and naps and then dinner and games at Meg & Jamies.
Today was a big sleep-in for me (Nw must love me lots!) and then a delightfully relaxed bbq at Mouse and Tops' house. Watching the kids play together and interact is alwyas amusing. Isobel and Alex like to go of and be 'big kids' together. Torby occasionally tries to join them but is mostly happy in the sandpit. The other kids form groups randomly. It all somehow works.

In summary, I got lots of rest, got to see lots of friends and feel all refreshed.

Now to kill things in warcrack-land and sleep and manky work tomorrow.

At least I get to trudge to the station in the morning wearing the socks Mugzz knitted or me..


anti ob said...

You and Miss Jimmy, too loud at a dinner party? I will not hear such slanderous lies! Or at least I won't when I get my hearing back...

DV said...

..and then you add Hrothgar into the mix and we were all doooomed!