Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Dinner tonight...

Cut vegies (sweet potato, beetroot, baby carrotses in this case) kinda small
throw in oven (about 200c) with some wee little bit of sesame oil, normal oil, salt and pepper
Dry fry some pine-nuts and then throw in a bowl
Slice red onion wafer thin and cook v v v slowly with a smidge of butter and some balsamic vinegar. I do mean slowly.
Cook some squished chicken halves on grill pan and when they have some colour throw them in oven still on the pan
Fiddle with the vegies occasionally
Check on chicken and remove from oven when done, wait till a bit cool (or burn your fingers off if you're impatient like me) and shred. Throw in bowl with pine nuts.
Make a packet of Ainsley Harriots moroccon cous-cous. Add to bowl
Vegies should be about done now so scrape them off the pan and add to the bowl. add some of the chicken juices

Stir everything together and scoffle.

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