Tuesday, 17 June 2008

suggestions needed

I need suggestions for the following;

a frock for the bad garb feast this weekend. Last time it was my v-neck that I covered with sparkly bits. Hopefully the proposed Friday night drinking inspiration evening will help

a place to go campling when it gets sunnier. The topic keeps coming up with Meg but I figure that anything involving at least 4 adults and three kids (more if we can convince others to come along) will take ages to plan. Where's a nice camping spot with water and tress and stuff for kids to get interested in..dirt for instance?. where??

new book? am just re-reading the Anne of Green Gables books. What next?

I think that's all for now.

help me my winged monkeys. help!!


JD said...

Hmm, ideas for bad garb? since I'll prolly not go, you are free to use my mantra when ever I want to look a little bit tasteless - WWSD? (What Would Stevie [Nicks] Do?) Usually, I end up ignoring whatever hideousness pops into my head after asking myself that question, but feel free to utilise that mantra anytime you wish.
Camping? NFI. I only ever go SCA camping and we all know, that ain't truly camping.
Books? I'll loan you "Kitty and the Midnight Hour" by Carrie Vaughn. About a lass whose nickname is Kitty and she's a werewolf. Oh the irony. Kind of an Urban Fantasy kind of thing. I devoured it and have been devouring its subsequent sequels, no pun intended you understand.

Mousicles said...

Bad frock - two towels pinned together was once suggested in the Complete Anachronist. I'll just be wearing what I did last time. Hope I can find all the bits.

I still have a vague plan to go camping somewhere alpine in summer - ie hire a lodge when it's cheapest. All I need is co-conspirators. I'm up for camping in a non-SCA, child friendly way. We need to see if the crankmaster will cope.

Cozalcoatl said...

Rob and I camped on the beach at Bouddi NP (2hrs ish North of Syndey)...we had to walk in, but it was right on the beach. but there are heaps of easier kid friendy campsites
all around that area, either in the NP or just outside.. Google Bouddi.
Check it out cause its a beautiful place.

spyder said...

The book Thief- beautifully written, but a little less than cheery. Note to self- any book involving Jews and Nazi Germany is unlikely to be a frothy, light read.
BGF- why not jazz up your wee neck?
A proper hennin made from pink cardboard and with flowing streamers will add the class and height you so desperately lack.
You could glue little sparklies on the gown. Spotlight have tiny wee unicorns in pink and purple for a visual representation of 'The Dream'TM.

DV said...

thanks for the help guys
I have a v rough plan that involves corset, farthingale and some towels. It shall be beeyootiful!