Monday, 7 December 2009

My Saturday by MissDv

There's the riddle/problem solving thing about the fox, the chicken, the bag of grain and getting them all across the river.

Saturday was a case of 4 parents, 4 kids, 2 usable houses, ballet lessons, at least 2 parents needing to prep for the party and I'm sure there was a goat there somewhere.

It was all sorted in the end and due to us ending up with ZoZo for her naptime while Jamie had the other 3 meant that not only did we get a lot of prep done in a short period of time, but also the christmas tree decorated, lunch eaten and I even got to lie down for 30minutes.
Althought the combo of Torby and theNoodle in the morning worked well because they kept each other entertained by making me a garden (dirt in pots with bits of grass sticking out), playing with Bionicles and watching dvd's. Not the same dvd's mind you, but dvd's nonetheless.

Oh and we had our lovely carpenter chum in to do a few final things to the living room windows.

Really, chaos doesn't even begin to describe it all.

Torby and Zozo's party was a hoot. So many children running around the park like mad things. The kids got delightful presents which were unwrapped in a frenzy. There was nummy cakes ala Meg and a fabulous pinata she'd found. Instead of whacking it with sticks, there were dangly strings that you pulled on instead and one of them would open it up. Kinda awesome.

I loved that Torby was so very good at saying Thank You and giving hugs. He did make me giggle by demanding to know if various presents were for him or ZoZo.

MissFliss has some lovely photos on her flickr account. She'll need to have you as a contact though if you want to see them. I took a few and will put them up when I'm home tonight.

After the park, a few people came back to our house for pizza and beverages and more running around for the children. Finally convinced Torby and the nieces to go to sleep at about 8:30/9 o'clock. You'd think that after a such a big day, they would all have a sleep-in? Oh no - the birthday kids were up at 6am and I think bellabel held out until at least 7. Sigh

It really was a lovely if hectic and exhaustifying day. Glad it only happens once a year and maybe the next one will involve less chaos.

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