Sunday, 13 December 2009

all frocked up

Last night was Rowany Yule Feast.

My observations from the evening are as follows;

  • All SCA events should be in air-conditioned halls.
  • Wearing a big frock is nice despite the many layers and the being squished.
  • Food should come out earlier rather than later.
  • Yummy food is yummy even if it is several hours late.
  • My friends make me laugh. Often at inappropriate times.
  • Seeing old friends is quite lovely especially if you don't get to see them often enough.
  • My friends scrub up pretty darn good.
  • There should be more babies for me to hold. Babies with flailing limbs and thigh rolls. Babies with dimples. Babies who are teensy. Babies who grab my fingers and try to see how tasty they are. Babies who wail and scream about the indignities of life and stop for a few seconds when you start singing to them.
  • The post-wearing-fake-hair-and-lots-of-it-headache is always dull.
  • it would be desirable to have a child who understood that mummy got home late and is a bit sore and sleepy and no she really doesn't want to come play a game with them, she wants to lie in bed for a few more hours. If anyone has a child resembling this, please contact me ASAP for a swap.

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