Friday, 4 December 2009

Dot point day

  • My dad was in unexpectedly town on Tuesday night (communication is for other people) so we all trotted out to ninner. The highlight of the evening was being given the crystal dresser set that belonged to mum.
  • I have just cleaned off the bbq. It was disgusting *shudder*
  • It's Torby and ZoZo's birthday party tomorrow. the morning shall be spent making chicken sammiches of delicious doom. Nummy nummy sammiches.
  • I never suspected that having a backyard that has a big pile of dirt in it instead of grass would be so very handy. Torby and the other kids (when they come 'round) love playing in it and making mud pies. Oh the joys of getting so very dirty!
  • It was the Petersham Bowling Club's Christmas Party last Sunday. The kiddlings had a hoot on the jumping castle and meeting santyclaus (who arrived in a fire engine of course) and running around like headless chooks. Us adults had fun watching them and sitting in the shade and sipping beverages. It was pointed out that we fit oh so neatly within the InnerWest demographic it was scary.
  • There was a meat tray raffle - I won it. Victory Lamb tastes oh so delicious :)
  • Tomorrow will also be christmas tree day! Hooray! We will probably end up buying one from the local fruit & veg store rather than going to the farm and chopping one down oursleves. We appear to have run out of spare time to do the latter in.
  • Our living room window have been removed, fixed, painted and put back in all shiny and working again. This brings me great joy.
  • I've almost finished the christmas shopping. The last remaining presents just require me to go to MonkeyPuzzle.
  • I must away and continue trying to get my hands back to the way they were - not smelling like detergent and bbq grease.

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Cozalcoatl said...

Huzzah Victory Lamb...
sadly the concept of a meat raffle has not survived the crossing...