Monday, 21 December 2009


4 sleeps to go!
4 sleeps to go!

4 sleeps until christmas madness

well, for me it's really 3 sleeps to go.

For us the madness will begin on xmas eve ( DrQ noted that people incorrectly use Xmas as a less religious alternative to Christmas - I use it becaue I am lazy) with family ninner (oh please let the forecasted rain not happen until after bedtime, please, please, pretty please) and sleepovers and the present frenzy with the childrens and then brunch and then ninner and then boxing day bbq x 2 and then in a car for forever and then family campling for a week.

Madness I say! The best kind of madness really.

But first we have to get through Torby's immunisation (tonight), the final pressie shopping, and a lot of grocery shopping.

Bring it!

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