Tuesday, 22 December 2009

brave torbyboy is brave

So last night was immunisation day for Torby.
We'd prepped him that he was going to get 2 or 3 injections and that they may hurt a leetle bit but he had to keep really really still and if he was very good and brave and stayed still until they were done, he'd get a treat (a lollipop was the treat of choice)

Well, he astounded us all by not even whimpering!

Stayed absolutely still and was okay about getting the second one and everything.
Much was made of his bravery and his two (two!) bandaids and the lollipop was devoured in seconds.

I swear he was better at getting the injections than I was about my blood test earlier in the day.

Sometimes he really does amaze us.

1 comment:

Impish said...

Maybe he's seen Daddy pounded into smoosh by a dragon or a giant skeletal giant or a huge robot enough times that he figures a couple of needles is no sweat.

Me, I say he's brave. Particularly braver for the second one when you KNOW what's coming.

Yay for the Torbyboy with the courage of a lion.