Monday, 2 November 2009

The weekend that was and a bit of Monday

Saturday was the day set aside to kill the Hills Hoist that dominated our backyard.

Nw had borrowed an oxy-acetalene torch from work and Jamie turned up with a crowbar and a jackhammer.

I wisely stayed inside the house with Torby and had a nap.

I woke up to a backyard full of holes (a path had also been removed) but much more open and useful.

I later got to hear the stories of bolts being removed with blowtorches because the right sort of screwdriver couldn't be found.

It's possible they might have had some fun.

We celebrated with bbq. Well, the others celebrated with bbq. I celebrated by having a tummy bug that meant I gratefully crawled into bed at 9pm being glad that I'd already thrown-up.

Sunday was a day of much driving for Nw but resulted in a new bed for Torby, a lack of old washbasin in our house and some dirt and supplies to fill in our backyard. Oh and a return of nieces to their parents and everyone's car at the the right house.

My tummy also settled down enough and I then got to enjoy bbq leftovers and sausage rolls from a baking extravaganza a few weeks ago. I also got to enjoy killing badguys in Warcrack and getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

Torby loves his new bed.
He may love it less this morning after he fell out of it at 5:30.
Doofus child.

In the dark this morning I put on my cranky pants by accident. I think the effect may have worn off a bit but still felling a bit twitchy. I hates that!

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