Thursday, 26 November 2009

baby steps

The window frame in the living room is allpainted now.
Still no windows in it but that will happen tomorrow.
I've also put on the first coat of paint on the doorframe between living room and kitchen.
Once the windows are in and the second coat of paint done, the living room will be done and dusted (it will very uch need the latter)
Okay, okay, it's exciting for me if not for anyone else

Now just everywhere else to paint/repair/attach/organise.


anti ob said...

Wait. Didn't you guys get an air conditioner the other day? Didn't the nice man mention that they work better with windows with glass in?

(JK: yay for all the baby steps!)

Dawn said...

Yay for the renovation. I sure know how exciting it can be to do even little things. Especially when coming from rentals.