Monday, 9 November 2009

Last week involved;

The cranky pants getting a good wearing - I think they've now been relegated to the back of the wardrobe again - hoorah!

A trip to the vet for Stampycat. She had pink wee when we first moved in but then we thought it had cleared up.. the spotty wee on the bathroom floor on Friday morning proved otherwise. The lovely vet was also worried about a lump on her tummy so she had needles poked into her all over the place and a morning stay there. She now has antibiotics and some pain reliever (luckily she's fine with us smosshing them through her food so we can retain all our fingers). Should get the results from wee and lump test soon.
We also had the 'so, how much are we willing to spend and what lengths do we go to' conversation. Hopefully our limit won't be tested.

Shelves being put on the wall in the living room - hooray for storage and displayness.

Torby's swimming lessons and my laps on Friday afternon - good thing the water is heated. The laps are becoming easier and my arms are slightly less jelly like afterwards. Oh how I suffered the first week after such a long break.

Saturday was the day of kids birthday parties. Two in a row and both boys started with J - made me laugh.
Both were different - One in a backyard and one at a indoor playground called Corner Cubbbyhouse, One involved a lot of friends and one involved parents and kids we see when dropping off/picking up at daycare and once a year at the birthday parties.
Both were a hoot.

It was really nice to see Torby at play with his daycare chums. The boys running around together is amusing to watch and also got to witness the friendships that have formed within the group. Jhett and Torby are best mates and Dylan and Anthony are best mates. Then they form a pack of 4 that is invincible!
It was especially nice as Dylan no longer gets looked after by A but his little sister does so the other boys don't get to see him very often.
I think I enjoyed watching them all because I hear about all these kids but so rarely get to see them interact.
The parents are really lovely and chatty and it's nice to catch-up with them and compare notes and hear about what's been happening in their lives.

We were only slightly knackered (yeah yeah, okay, totally and completely knackerd maybe closer to the truth) at the end of it all. We'd left the house at 9 and got back at 3, having consumed a lot of sugar in between.

Nw then deserted me to go to a cocktail party in Canberra. The bastard! He had a fine time and it was nice that he got to go out and have fun and be sociable.

I got to potter around and make pie and enjoy wine o'clock with Megzz n Smurg and sleep like a starfish in the bed. A pleasant way to spend my night of single-motherness.

Went to feed the ducks and eels (aka swamp monsters) at Olympic Park on Sunday afternoon. The pelicans and swans also graced us with their presence.
Pelicans really are funny lookin' critters wheras swans really do have a certain grace about them.
I was just gleeful that Torby chose to wear his blanket as a cape to the park. I love the sight of little kids out in public in their spider-man/batman/pirate/all of teh above outfits. I forgot to take my mobile with us so didn't get a picture of Super-Torby feeding the swamp monsters. Good thing I have lots of other embarassing photos for his blackmail folder.

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