Monday, 16 November 2009

My Monday ?I?m at work and avoiding doing anything? post...It?s practically a tradition

Stampy?s toooomur kinda sucked all the energy out of the first half of last week. We?ve come to terms with it all a bit better and will chat with the vet on Thursday (we have to take her back in to make sure the infection in her bladder has gone after this course of antibiotics) about what we should look out for and possible timeframes etc. Still makes me sad to think about it but we really don?t want to put her through surgery when it may or may not help and she?s an oldish cat to start with.
I had a big walk around Newtown on Wednesday and got some good thinking done. Sorted out some stuff in my head, got to eat really yummy lemon, lime & biters gelato and a delicious veggie burger and a teeny smidge of Christmas shopping done. Was a productive morning in it?s own way.

We had our housewarming party on Saturday. I had a hoot and I?m assuming other people did as well. Despite the yard being more dirt than grass and our front area having a certain rustic ghetto chic. It was verah nice to see people and getting to show people our house is a big thrill for me. Weird I know.

Sunday we were big slugs around at M&J?s place. Well, we?d had the cousins sleep over on Saturday night so there was wrangling of 3 children for a few hours in the morning and a house that needed cleaning and hangovers to get rid of and then Nw had to go to work for a few hours...but mostly slugging.
Was nice to not be doing anything for a day.

We?re getting an air-conditioner installed on Sunday. Squeeee!! Whilst our house seems to cope well with the heat, it?ll be nice to have that extra level of coolness available. It?ll be Nw?s birthday pressie from his lovely parents. Hooray for lovely parents!

Next week a carpenter friend is going to do some work on our windows and make them less peely and flaky and sticky and won?t stay open-y.

Looking forward to Turkey Day on Saturday. Just need BoM to stop trying to give us a thunderstorm on the day. I should make a complaint!
Oooo I found Pumpkin Pie Mix at David Jones last week. Now I can follow the recipes that say ?add 1 can of pumpkin pie mix to one store-bought pastry shell and bake?
I?ll also make a proper one from actual pumpkins. From Scratch!
Still need to find a suspicious side dish to make as well.

Okay, no more rambling from me. For now at least

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Mayela said...

"Tis a nice hous youse av got there.
While you're complaining to BoM can you tell them to not rain on weekends at all? That'd be real handy for us Event Coordinators what have events on weekends (including this Sunday)