Monday, 23 November 2009

A Torby Update

We went to a Fairy & Pirate party for two of the daycare kids on Sunday.
Torby kept switching between wanting to be a pirate or a fairy. In the end he wore a pirate shirt and hat and fairy wings. Yup, my son, the piratical fairy!
Clearly spends far too much time around his nieces.
In truth, I like that he enjoys dressing up and sees no problem about popping on some wings or a skirt for dress-ups. It helps to even out his boyness. He is very vehement thought that there are certain roles tied up in gender. Girls are queens and boys are kings for instance. I think both wear capes and tiaras though.
He's obviously reached the stage where people are becoming different. We often have conversations based around who does and doesn't have a willy. This from the boy who used to wonder where mine had gone to. Mum's willy...missing!

He's becoming more questioning about a lot of things. What is sad/happy/cross/late, what's late, why is it raining, why for is it Monday, what's water, what's the opposite of happy/pencil/dry and so on. It's cute but occasionally frustrating. 'Because I said so' has indeed been uttered by me on more that one occasion. I know, I know, it's a slippery slope and I'm just one step away from 'I'll give you something to cry about'.

He's decided that StampyCat is his sister and AJ is his brother...I don't think I want to know about the logistics of it all really.

Despite having a lovely new big bed, the favourite place to sleep is on his old cot mattress on the floor. If he's also allowed to steal one of Nw's pillows, it becomes the bestest thing ever! Freaky child.

He has pretty much finished with afternon naps. Quiet time is enforced though and does seem to help. If only so I can lie on the couch for an hour and not pay attention to anything. I do miss the hour and a half to two hour naps he used to have. They were deeelightful!
He will fall asleep in the car though. Particularly if it's anytime after 12. It is occasionally tempting to take him for a long drive just so he has some form of sleep. The waking up at 5:30 every morning does start to affect him by the late afternoon.

He really enjoys digging about in our dirt pile at the back and watering the plants. Happily trots about getting muddy and tracking it through the house to wash his shovel in the bathroom sink. I have no idea why, but it's an important part of it all apparently. Whenever we go to Bunnings (which is so very very often in these

Still eats a lot of fruit, some vegies, peanut butter toast, crackers(CornThins) and plain white rice. Fish fingers and chicken nuggets are as close to protein as we get. Will now eat lettuce though. Any new food is seen as a victory by us. Sigh.

He seems to be picking up reading quite well. It's hard to tell how much is just memory of the story/pictures (he seems to have a really good memory and pattern matching ability) and how much is actually reading the words. He does occasionally struggle with sentences so I think that a certain part of it is definately 'reading'. Does that make sense?

I like it when he parrots back the good phrases and hate it when he parrots back the bad ones.
The fact that we enforce good behaviour verbally as well as physically (It's nice to say sorry, it's nice to share etc etc) means that we get these words said back to us in the same tone of voice. Makes me giggle everytime.

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