Monday, 1 December 2008

weekend recap and rambleyness

Turkey day was gooood. Way too much delicious food, very very pleasant company including the fabulous Fliss and Porl who hosted it this year, being out till late and being fed home-made bailies all equaled a delightful occasion. Oh and the Punkin Pies were nummy.

Went swimming on Saturday morning while Torby had his lessons. Had forgotten how much I love to be in the water. Had also forgotten how much doing laps can hurt. Muscles I haven't used in a very long while were being used. Perserverance will pay off right? Right?

The boys went for the last 'Sunday Afternoon at Grandma and Papa's' for a while as the parents will be on holidays in Perth visiting the other kids and grandkids for a month or so. Torby will especially miss them I think. He gets very excited about going to there. I will miss my Sunday afternoons of alone-ness.

This weekend will be the birthday party for Torby and ZoZo. Because I'm crap, let me know if you haven't recieved an invite and would like to be there. There will be fairy bread. Torby is loking forward to his party bvecause there will be cabndles on a cake to blow out and party hats. He's a bit focused on those two things.

Speaking of the munchkin, he was very very unhappy to be left at daycare today. Feel like a bad mother for deserting him when he was so very very upset. Nw assures me he used to occasionally get freaked out being left at A's as well. Still feel bad.

Oh and on Sunday we'll be going out to a Christmas Tree farm and getting a tree. Squeee.

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