Wednesday, 31 December 2008


I am happy about the time I've spent with friends and family this past year. Time includes phone calls, and IM chats and blog conversations and WoW guildchat (*cough*nerd*cough*) hanging around in backyards or around tables or in the pool or in a tent in the middle of a field.

I am, as ever, awed at how much my son (and indeed my nieces and proto nieces and nephews) have grown this past year.

I am happy that I've made some new friends, reconnected with some old friends and reevaluated some long dead friendships. It's been comforting and liberating and pleasant and surprising.

I am amazed at some of the big decisions and actions my friends have made/done this year. Getting engaged, having babies, buying a house, renovating, moving country, moving states, starting new relationships, changing jobs. All these things are big leaps and I'm proud that you've done them.

I am happy with myself and that I've fixed some ways I deal with the world. Still not perfect and I still have the deeply manky hours/days/weeks but my coping mechanisms seem to be working a lot better than they were last year.

So, what happens next year?

I turn 32, Nw turns 40 and munchkin turns 4.I lose a smidge of weight.

I might even sew something other than some baby quilts and mending.

I continue spending time with and being amazed by, my friends and family.

I keep swimming laps while Torby has his swimming lessons.

I be better at calling people. I gave up on talking on the phone for any long period of time when i gave up smoking. they were just to connected. Lets see if I can manage it again.

I start working 3 days instead of 2. Oh the horror.

I somehow become even more t'riffic than I currently am. It will be a herculean effort!

I'm also toying with the idea of making sure I post something on my blog every day for a year. Might try it for January and see how it goes.


Impish said...

Firstly: yay for you! Yay for living a life without regrets and packed with joy.

Secondly: I'm so glad I met you and Nw. You're a bright light in my world and I am just more pleased than a warlock with a bucket full of souls to count you as a friend.

Here's to many more years of you being utterly triffic.

DV said...

Aww *blush*

I would say it's been utterly fabulous getting to know you and expound on how happy and proud i am of you, but then it would just turn into a mutual admiration society and no-one wants that


anti ob said...

Aww you guys are great.
WOW is a positive force, I knew it all along

Life Is Good...
now its New Years Morning and I'm off to throw myself down a snowy hill, what better way to start the new year.

BTW this this Coz speaking but I'm sure Rob agrees.