Monday, 15 December 2008


My oh my what a weekend.

The boys went to Yule Feast which involved more planning than a thing that requires a lot of planning.

Nw ended up taking Torby and the nieces down to meet up with Meaghan who had gone there straight from a party in Canberra (Yay for Dr Quatrefoil graduating at last).

I got to go to the lovely Mikey and Lou's big bumper birthday party. Was a lot of fun. Although I really have lost the art of standing for hours in high heels. Totally worth it though.

My niece, Bellabel's, first dance concert was on Sunday. Despite the atrocious 'slapper genie' outfit (I ask you, since when is a skimpy bikini top and harem pants is appropriate for a 4yr old???) she looked cute and did well and the whole concert was very very amusing. It was the pre-school concert for the dance school and there is nothing cuter than 3-5yr olds "dancing" and all the other costumes were actually quite cute and appropriate. They had some of the big kids doing performances as well which were interesting to watch. Nowhere near as funny though.

We then had a small ninner at the pub for Torby's birthday. Highly recommend the Newington Inn for kids. They give them paper and pens and they seem very tolerant of kids running around on sugar highs after eating icecream.

Needlees to say, Torby crashed when we got home after his big weekend of camping, spendinga large amount of time with ZoZo, dinner out etc.

I crashed soon after from hungoveredness and Nw celebrated his first chance at alone time all weekend (he really was surrounded by kids all weekend the poor thing) by staying up late playing warcrack.

Oh and we have a christmas tree now. Nw went past the chrissie tree farm on the way home from Yule and cut us down a small one. It got decorated this morning. (photos later) Torby was a bit entranced after he got to hang his decoration on it next to Nw's one. Mind you, I still get entranced by all the pretty decorations each year and I'm not 3yrs old. Do so love christmas and all the sparklyness.

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