Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Drowned rat is the new black

So yesterday involved;
Looong meeting
Talking to useless people at work who insist that everything is too hard and it's all someone elses fault
Redoing the formulas on an Excel spreadsheet AGAIN! I swear they purposely stuff it up each time before sending it back to me just to hear my screams of rage from a few floors away.
Having several gazillion litres of rain dumped onme by the storm on my way home. Despite my umbrella, only about 5cm spure patch of mewas left dry.
and the crowning moment was..
Having our toatser explode soon after I got home and take the electricity with it!
Luckily Nw fixed the fuse (yay for M&T having spare fuse wire) and we ccould return to our modern ways. Now need to call an 'lectrician today to see about getting that power point fixed.

However, I also got hugs and kisses from Torby (and Nw if you must know) and got to read books with him and revel in his cuteness and cleverness and got to have yummy dinner (lambchops with charsiu sauce and an asiany coleslaw thing that I can at buckets of) and all was soon right with the world.

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