Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I've been reading 'Outliers - The Story of Success' by Malcolm Gladwell.

Meg gave it to Nw for xmas but I've run off with it. (bwahahahahah all your books are belong to me)
Reallyquite fascinating.

He looks at the way we view success and points out that it's not a personal thing but a series of factors that all combine to make a person succesful.

"We pretend that success is exclusively a matter of individual merit. But
there's nothing in any of the histories we've looked at so far to suggest things
are that simple. These are stories, instead, about people who were given a
special opportunity to work really hard and siezed it, and who happened to come
of age at a time when that extraordinary effort was rewarded by the rest of
society. Their success was not just of their own making. It was a product of the
world in which they grew up."

(part of the chapter titled The 10,000-Hour Rule)

I'm thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to reading 'Tipping Point' by him as well.

Now I've discovered his website which has excerpts from his books (Outliers, Blink and Tipping Point) and an archive of articles he's written for The New Yorker.

I'm in a little happy-reading-pig-universe now.

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