Tuesday, 16 December 2008

n which i ruminate on the New Years phenomonononon

it occured to me the other day that i have all my Christmas plans in order but have no idea what i'm doing for New Years.

i then realised that i'm really not bothered by this.

in fact i've never been that concerned with new years stuff. Generally i like it to involve my friends and watching the fireworks on tv or something. i think i must be be missing something.
i really don't understand the desire people seem to have to be at the bestest biggest party.

Always found it quite rude the way people will say, 'hmmm i'm not going to confirm or cancel until know what else i'm invited to'. The lengths people will go to. usually involving several different parties and 'oo we must end up at this place becuase they have a view of fireworks, oh crap we're running late, etc'

Much rather stay at one place (usually first one we're invited to) or at home (mmm home, on the couch, being like a grown-up and staying awake to watch the fireworks mmmmmm)

As i established earlier, never understood the phenomonononon.

For some reason pressing shift +i doesn't work on my keyboard. No capital i's for me!

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