Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A glimpse into my life

Sometime between 6 and 7am I hear the rustle and thump and slam of Torby getting out of bed and closing his door after himself.

Then the shambling steps down the hall dragging his pillowandblanketandnuknuk down the hall to our room.

Next is to be swatted in the face with the pillow bit of the holy trinity and a cheery 'good morning my friend mummy'.

I then get to shuffle over on the bed until I am almost lying on top of Nw (who is still valiantly trying to sleep at this stage) so Torby can lie down and go sleep (swish my blanket. I want stripes, where's my nuknuk?) between me and Stampy the Cat.

There is much petting (gently, don't touch her tail mummy) and admiration of how soft his friend Stampy is.

All too soon this refreshing 'sleep' will have stopped and the 'time for some yoghurt/toast/cereal/watermelon/busy?' will start.

Any insistence that it's still sleep time will be met with a counter-insistence that 'I awake now. I finished sleep' (to be said in a slightly injured tone) and who can argue with that.

So then breakfast food of choice is served and tv or his computer turned on (He has my old laptop and a few games loaded on. The choices are 'dinosaurs', 'letters' or 'preschool'.)

I generally lie on the couch pretending to be an awake and responsible parent until it's time for that most favourite of activities - Wake up daddy time!

Lucky Nw then gets to hear Torby thundering down the hallway, a small child bodyslamming him, a cheery 'wake up daddy!', blankets dragged off and a few suggestions of 'open your eyes daddy'.

And then our day begins..


Impish said...

That sounds like a totally delicious morning. I can't wait. Makes the lack of sleep seem worth it (almost). :)

Hunydd said...

Oh my god, my eyes. My EYES, I tell you!

Like the new format, even if it is making my eyes bleed...