Monday, 1 September 2008


Plans are slowly coming together for The Roadtrip of Dooooom!! (TM)

We have a place to stay (thanks MissDawn. You're t'riffic) .

We have recomendations of places to eat. Although if anyone can recomend a nice place in town, that would be good.

We have an Art Gallery to visit.

We have a breakfast and a brunch and a dinner organised where will get to catch-up with a variety of chums.

We have a fabulous sister and bro-in-law to look after Torby. (hooray for family!!)

We will soon have a cat feeder.

We have 19 sleeps to go!

1 comment:

Megz said...

If you need cat feeder let us know. After all, we owe you like eleventy-billion :) (and the brave brave stampy occasionally tolerates us)