Sunday, 28 September 2008

Torby made the cutest pageboy

He was very excited by his suit with 'necklace' (the bow tie) and 'matching flower' (the groomsmen and him had pink rose buttonholes).

He managed to deliver the pillow (with rings tied on very securely) to Unky Erik as practised. There was even a high-5.

I hope that there are photos of him and his two cousins (the flower girls) as they did their procession down the aisle.

He couldn't sit still during the wedding so I took him for a walk. Missed most of the official wedding bit but what I did see was lovely.

At the reception, he played with his etch-a-sketch thingy and books, he ate chocolate and chippes (mmm a well balanced meal) he took photos, he ran around with his pants around his ankles. Perfectly normal really.

The cutest moment was the three groomsmen having a conversation with him about their flowers and guessing what would come out of the sal & pepper shakers. All very serious and I am love that they took time to do it and treat him like a big boy.

There should be more weddings.

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