Sunday, 21 September 2008

we have arrived! Let the rejoicing begin

After waay too many hours in the car with Nw and MissCharlie, we arrived safe and sound in exotic Melboure last night.

Well okay, the hours did kinda pass by quickly and we had a few stops on the way and conversation was amusing but, I was really really really gald whe we finally got to stop, get ut of the car and know that we weren't gong to be back in it until tomorrow.
My notes from the trip so far;

I feel all Australian now for I have seen the dog onna tuckerbox.

'Ye olde Australian music' makes me want to hack my ears off.

3 people grooving along to 'Don't blame it on the boogie' in the car gets extra funny when you are spotted by anouther car overtaking you on the highway. The look on the guys face as he troed to figure out what the hell we were doing, was priceless.

Victoria has the bestest road signs ever. 'Droopy eyes? Powernap now' is my favourite. I like the directness of them. Shall endevour to get a photo (because Nw won't let me steal one of the signs. soooo mean) on the way home.

We managed to break the trip roughly every 2-3 hours which was cuning. Being fed coffee and shown the cows and being entertained by the very chatty and amusing 8yr old daughter at our friend Adrian's house in Seymour was the bestest stop for me. I wanna live o a farm now. Yes, yes, I now I'd get realy bored really quickly, but still!

Before we left, we got the car washed. It was clean, it sparkled, now it's decorated with bug innards in a nice speckly pattern on the front. It's not as attractive as you might think.

Nw and I wandered down to have dinner last night after dropping MissC off. All you Melbournites should go to Touks. I'd been there before with MissDawn and it's still really nummy. We ate or ninner, had a bottle of wine, trotted back 'home for two days' an promptly fell asleep. That sitting in a car for a day really takes it out of you.

MissDawn's house (our home for two days) is even cuter than last time I saw it. Her budgie makes an almost Stampy substitute despite the fact that he doesn't coem over when I waggle my fingers. I do however miss Torby a wee smidgen.

Soon I shall go and wake Nw up and drag him to Queen Vic markets for hot jammy donuts and then there shall be wandering around and purchasing of baked goods for brunch with the girls (and guys) and then maybe a visit to here if we can covince MissImpish to come eat chocolate. *snort* and then maybe a wander around the art gallery or a nice park to build up an apetite for dinner.

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