Wednesday, 24 September 2008

home again, home again, jiggety jog

well, we went, we had fun, we're glad to be home again.

Sapore was really yummy. no, really. We had the tasting plate for entree, I then had the beef with the yummiest truffled mas ever. Nw has the seafood linguine which was light and seafoodey and yummy. No dessert as we were a bit too full by that point. We'd spent most of the day lounging around in S&G's backyard having brunch and being amused by the antics of a 3yr old and a 14mth old. Oh and breakfast had been hot jammy donuts and a bratwurst from the Queen Vic Markets.

Yep, Sunday was all about the eating and drinking.

Monday, we went to the Art Deco exhibition at the NGV. Sooo much funky stuff to look at, such very sore feet by the end of it. We also looked at their collection on 14th-1thc stuff and then some of the later stuff as well. There was also a bit of wandering around town and showing Nw some of my favourite buldings.
Monday night we went and visited warcrack chums. Lots of fun and amusement ensued. Was very cool to see peoples in the flesh.

Tueday we caught up with MissDawn and Charlie for brekkie in Camberwell. Then Charlie, Nw and I hopped into the car for the trek back to Sydney. Roadtrips are never as exciting on the way home. Once I get the photos off my phone, I shall see if we managed to get a photo of my favourite road signs (Yawning? Powernap Now).

Bestest bit about Tuesday was seeing Torby again. I really did miss him a lot. Sooky mother that I am. Was also nice to sleep in my own bed and use my own shower and have my own stuff and pet Stampy again.

In summary..had a hoot, really glad we went, really nice to roadtrip it but soooo glad to come home again.

There will be photos soon. You have been warned.

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