Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Had one of those rare perfect moments late yesterday afternoon. Hanging with Nw and Torby cleaning up the front yard (such as it is). It was lovely weather, I had my boys with me, it's hard to explain but it was lovely.

Have wasted time at work doing googleymaps of our road trip.
Now I know how to get between home and Dawn's house on Saturday (via dropping Miss Charlie at her sister's house) then how to get from chums house in Glen Waverly (where we're staying after our nerdy warcrack night) to the cafe for brekkie with Dawn, to home again. Everything in between is unmapped and means we may get a wee bit lost.
I also have very little sense of direction in Melbourne, mountains are on the wrong side and the water isn't where it should be. Badly designed I say.

I'm really looking forward to the roadtrip. Will be nice to have MissCharlie's company in the car for extra conversation and to help Nw with driving. Then have lots of alone time and catching up with people and eating and walking and looking and squeeness.

I have a sneaking suspicion that we might miss Torbyboy a bit though. Just a smidge.

Oh and today is haircut day. Hooray for haircut day!

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