Thursday, 25 September 2008

musical meme from LJ

Guess the songs these lyrics come from. you knwo you want to. (what? avoiding real work? nooooo)

1. I turned to my friend and the look in his eyes said
2. Have you ever been close to tragedy
3. It doesn't matter what I say, It doesn't matter what I do
4. Don't the hours get shorter as the days go by
5. Happiness is just a gash away
6. We believe, in the grass in the trees
7. When I go for a drive I like to pull off to the side
8. Well she wants to be a singer in the band
9. Yesterday, the sky looked sweet
10. Marky got with Sharon
11. I think it's getting to the point
12. Hang up the phone, no need to cry
13. One time a thing occured to me
14. I want them to know it's me
15. Light touch my hands, in a dream of Golden Skans, from now on.
16. Everybody, everybody, everybody livin' now
17. A heart of stone, a smoking gun
18. Good luck and don’t dare give up
19. My life was completely astrous when I met you
20. Go on and close your eyes, go on imagine me there

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