Tuesday, 19 August 2008

torby talk

"I like it" - said about something he's been denied. Increas amount of tears and repeat often when it keeps being denied.
"it's not your's, it's mine" - said about everything!
"this one for .... and this one for Oviler" - said on the occasions when he's remembered to share.
"I love you mummy/daddy" - said when he is about 2seconds away from being sold to the gysies.
"I do it!" -said anytime help is offerd or a task is given. Putting shoes and socks on, for instance, now takes 3 times longer and a lot more tears until eventually one of us is allowed to assist.
"Neeples" - those two dots on your chest. You may know them as nipples.
"Strawbellies" - red berries that are better suited to daquiries in my opinion.
"Burp inna bottom" - a fart.
"Snoose me" to be said when you do any kind of burp.
"Deyicious pizza" or "Rice 'n' sauce" - the two acceptable types of take-away. Garlic Pizza and Plain rice with a bit of sweet and sour sauce.
"Bish Yoghurt" - Yoghurt in a tub. Long story.

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