Thursday, 7 August 2008

smiley day

Despite the enormous amount of Pivot Tabley things I was forced to create today (It's like being down the saltmines but with Excel), I had a funky day at work.

Got lots achieved.
Got to watch a storm approach, dump it's rain on us, then be blown away again.
Got to eat lots of pastries leftover from some presentation thing. Our meal room is often a good place top graze for morninga nd afternoon tea as it seems to the dumping ground for parties and the like.
Got a lift home from my boss.
and most importantly of all...
Got to find out that I'm involved in a meeting tomorrow with the uber boss. Now I know not to wear the jeans and comfy shoes I was planning on. :)

Coming home to a lovely husband and child with lots of kisses and hugs and smiles to be had just tops it off really.

Hope yours was as nice.

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