Saturday, 30 August 2008

my little boy is getting all growned up

We just turned Torby's cot to a bed.

I may have just had a little teary moment.

He's getting all big and stuff.


Impish said...

And so the world turns: we just built our bub's cot. (Well, I sat there uselessly while Lee assembled it)

In a few years, we'll be where you are now!

The Torb-meister must be so happy to be a big boy in a actual bed.

DV said...

Now that he's a bit more used to it, he likes it. Still gets a little bit wigged out at it and insists that it's a 'little' bed rather than a big one.

Hooray for cot building. Now the doomling can arrive as she has a place to sleep that isn't an underpants drawer. :)

JD said...

Oh! He's such a boy now. He's not little anymore! I can understand the teary moment.

Hrumph. Nothing like children to make you see how old you're getting.