Sunday, 17 August 2008

Last night we wnet to te lovely Miss Pip's 50th birthday party. Despite getting lost (who knew there were 2 Luttrel S's in Glenmore Park) a sick toddler and then miss JD cracking her head on the floor thanks to the detergent left behind from the bubble machine the kids were using (my god that was a long sentence), we had a hoot. Lots of old friends who I don't see often enough, getting to shake my groove thang at the end of the night (Time Warp as performed by about 10 people around midnight was something I'm very glad has not been photographed), getting to have lovely long chats with people, seeing Pip get all teary at all the lovely things people were saying about her, all makes for an excellent evening.

Now to get dressed and go to the markets and eat gozleme and sit in the sun watching the children leap about. At least this time the squaling shall be outdoors.

Ad to that having drinks and yummy pasta on friday with spyd and the fight club girls and it makes for quite a delightful weekend.

Hope yours was as nice.

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