Sunday, 24 August 2008

The good, the bad and the bleurghy

The good was Isobel's 4th birthday fairy party. So much pink, so much glitter, so many fairy outfits. Was gorgeous. Torbyboy had a hoot and even got to wear his wings and the beloved orange fairy skirt. He's very much in touch with his feminine side.

Beverages afterwards were also very nice.

Oo and I got a beeyootiful scarf and scarf pin for me and gloves for Torby from Miss Fliss. I love my clever friends.

The bad has been the not sleeping well and the having to write an EOI for my job and feeling manky enough (think I'm finally succumbing to the manky cold/flu thing going 'round) that I had to cancel having some chums around for ninner tonight to see the lovely MissJ :( Am all fuzzyheaded and achey and bleurghy.

The bleurghy is self explanatory.

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